Upcoming talks at Vanderbilt, ISMRM, and OHBM

Rick will be presenting recent work at Vanderbilt as part of their Neuroscience Seminar on April 2, 2019. [slides]

Rick will also be giving a talk at ISMRM2019 in Montreal as part of an educational program on approaches for linking brain structural and functional connectivity. [slides]

Rick will be presenting at Indiana University’s EAR workshop on the topics of block modeling and predictive modeling of ECoG FC. [slides]

Finally, Rick will be giving two talks at OHBM2019 in Rome: the first as part of the educational workshop on modularity [slides] and the second on generative modeling [slides]. Additionally, Rick will be presenting a poster on collaborative work with post-doc Farnaz Zamani Esfahlani, Max Bertolero, and Dani Bassett on the topic of spatial network models of resting-state FC [slides].

If you’re interested in scheduling a meeting at either ISMRM or OHBM, please send a private message here.