Upcoming talks at SfN2019 and Indiana Neuroimaging Symposium

Rick will be presenting collaborative work with Farnaz Zamani Esfahlani, Lisa Byrge, and Dan Kennedy at a nansymposium at SfN2019 in Chicago. Slides will be available closer to the date.

Rick will also be presenting on computational approaches for studying structure-function relationships in human brain networks at the Indiana Neuroimaging Symposium in Indianapolis on October 28. Slides will be available closer to the date.

Upcoming talks at Vanderbilt, ISMRM, and OHBM

Rick will be presenting recent work at Vanderbilt as part of their Neuroscience Seminar on April 2, 2019. [slides]

Rick will also be giving a talk at ISMRM2019 in Montreal as part of an educational program on approaches for linking brain structural and functional connectivity. [slides]

Rick will be presenting at Indiana University’s EAR workshop on the topics of block modeling and predictive modeling of ECoG FC. [slides]

Finally, Rick will be giving two talks at OHBM2019 in Rome: the first as part of the educational workshop on modularity [slides] and the second on generative modeling [slides]. Additionally, Rick will be presenting a poster on collaborative work with post-doc Farnaz Zamani Esfahlani, Max Bertolero, and Dani Bassett on the topic of spatial network models of resting-state FC [slides].

If you’re interested in scheduling a meeting at either ISMRM or OHBM, please send a private message here.

BNBL Represented at NetSci2019

Farnaz Zamani Esfahlani and Brock Glaser will both be presenting their research at NetSci 2019. Farnaz will give a talk during parallel sessions on classification of neuropsychiatric disorders based on properties of structural networks. This project is a collaboration with Lindsey Kitchell and Brent McPherson from Franco Pestilli’s lab at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Brock will present a poster on task-specific flexibility of brain networks using Human Connectome Project data. This is a collaboration with Max Bertolero and Dani Bassett at the University of Pennsylvania.

Recruiting PhD students to start in Fall 2019

Interested in joining the BNBL as a PhD student beginning in Fall 2019? We are actively recruiting and welcoming applications. The most competitive candidates will have interests in neuroscience, psychology, engineering, biophysics, statistics or a related area as well as a strong quantitative background.

We would especially like to recruit students interested in modeling biological neural networks and to work on projects broadly aligned with the lab’s current research. However, we also encourage collaborations with other labs and institutions — see our publications list for examples.

We can accept students through several different areas, including the program in neuroscience, the cognitive science program, and the department of psychological and brain sciences.

If you have any questions about the lab or the application process, please contact us and we’ll be happy to clarify. If you’d like to learn more about the lab and would like to talk in person, Rick will be at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego from November 3-6.